Prime Rib

Grell Roofing Commercial

About Product:  When Grell Roofing initially looked at this 10-year-old EPDM roof we realized the owners were in trouble. The EPDM product that was on the roof wasn’t holding up to the weather. There was cracking, stretching and tearing. Due to this the repair cost would have been large. Instead the restaurant decided to add some insulation to the roof and install a prefabricated Duro-Last roof over the existing roof. Now the Prime Rib has a roof that can stand the test of time.

duro-last roofing project


Grell Roofing Commercial

About Product: This roof when we arrived had tons of standing water on it basically covering the river rock. The roof was in rough condition and a replacement roof was the best solution. Grell Roofing removed all the ballast, mechanically fastened tapered insulation and installed Duro-Last across the roof. Even though Duro-Last warranties standing water, due to the new tapered insulation and the new Duro-Last not a drop of water sits on this beautiful roof.