Fort Dodge Residence

Grell Roofing Residential

About Product: Duro-Last is a factory-welded single-ply thermoplastic roofing membrane. Duro-Last membranes are measured, ordered, and custom-fit to each individual roof. This way, many seams can be factory welded in a controlled environment. Before a Duro-Last job is finished, it is inspected by quality assurance representatives of the manufacturer (not Grell Roofing) to meet exhaustive specs, and in order to carry one of the best warranties in the industry.

Ames Residence

Grell Roofing Residential

About Product: Duro-Last provides the best warranties around including residential warranties. This home owner was able to see the benefits of Duro-Last due to already having a 24-year-old Duro-Last roof and opted to have a new roof installed. Grell Roofing performed an overlay on this residence as the new home owners wanted more insulation and a tapered system put on it. The drone flyover shows just how reflective a new Duro-Last membrane really is. #goinggreen

Wraywood Manor, Fort Dodge, Iowa - Duro-Last thermoplastic roofing membrane with factory-welded seams

Wraywood Manor Building

Grell Roofing Residential

Residential Building, Multi-Family/Apartments |
Fort Dodge, IA |
Flat Roof, Re-roof |
PVC membrane, white/reflective |