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News – September 2016
This year is flying by and we have been busier than ever! Our schedule is filling up and we have some big jobs still lined up to complete before the snow starts flying. We have already completed over 500,000 sq foot of roofing and would like to keep going. Grell Roofing, LLC. would like to thank you for your past and present business and hope that you keep us in mind for all your flat roofing needs.

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Job of the Month – Duro-Last
Company: Essentia
Located: Lytton, Iowa
Roof System: Duro-Last
Roof Size: 30,000 Sq feet

Tips For Preventative Roof Maintenance
Getting Ready for Fall

As fall approaches, leaves will start to change and the weather will turn cooler. This is a great time for business owners to take care of roof maintenance before the snow starts to come down!

Here are some helpful tips for easy fall preparation:

* Remove any leaves, pine needles and other debris that may be hanging out on the roof. In additional you might want to cut back any overhanging branches and tree limbs that could potentially damage the roof.
* Check for any damage to your roof. Pay special attention for any place that has standing water, cracks, holes, or frayed roofing that might need to be addressed.
* Check around the vent stacks, skylights, chimney and other openings in the roof for damaged flashing and seals.
* Check your Gutters. Make sue that they are free from dirt and debris.
* Check the venting and insulation in your attic to make sure that your roof is properly vented. Without proper ventilation your roof could be subject to mold, rot, ice dams, water leaks, and interior water damage.

If roof Maintenance is not your thing give the professionals at Grell Roofing a call!
Making small repairs before Fall and Winter can save you a lot of money in the end.
If you need your roof inspected, repaired or replaced, Contact Us today to schedule your no cost, no obligation roof assessment with one of our professionals!

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